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Food Vermicelli

Vermicelli is a food that has a soft and chewy texture. There is a basic ingredient made of rice called rice vermicelli and basic ingredients of corn called corn vermicelli.
This time what will be discussed is corn noodles which are rich in benefits compared to rice vermicelli. The nutritional content of corn vermicelli includes:
1. Dietary Fiber
Also known as food fiber or dietary fiber is a part of plants that can be consumed and is good for health. Another benefit of this corn vermicelli is that it slows the appearance of hunger, reduces the risk of obesity, increases stool volume and reduces the risk of constipation (difficulty defecating).
2. Low Glycemic Index / Glycemic Index
The Glycix Index is a measure of the speed of food absorbed into blood sugar. Corn vermicelli is one of the food ingredients that has a low speed to be absorbed into blood sugar so it is good for diabetics.
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